Tenant Farming Commissioner (TFC)

A thriving and prosperous tenant farming sector relies on a strong and constructive relationship between tenants and landlords and a positive and professional approach by intermediaries acting on behalf of landlord and/or tenant. Such relationships need to be based on mutual respect and shared values and a common approach to fairness and reasonableness.

The Tenant Farming Commissioner is responsible for promoting and encouraging good relations between landlords and tenants and has powers to publish codes of practice and to investigate alleged breaches of the codes.



The TFC has provided new Supplmentary Guidance on the Tenants Amnesty – read it here.
For all other Amnesty information please click here Tenant’s Amnesty Campaign


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ctions of the Tenant Farming Commissioner

These are defined in Part 2, Chapter 3 of the Land Reform (Scotland) Act 2016.

  • Prepare codes of practice for the purpose of providing practical guidance to landlords and tenants of agricultural holdings and their agents
  • Promote the existence and observance of the codes of practice.
  • Inquire into alleged breaches of the codes of practice.
  • Prepare a report on the operation of agents of landlords and tenants and submit this to Scottish Ministers within one year of the TFC’s duties coming into force.
  • Prepare recommendations for a modern list of improvements to agricultural holdings.
  • Refer for the opinion of the Land Court any question of law relating to agricultural holdings.
  • Collaborate with the Land Commissioners in the exercise of their functions to the extent that those functions relate to agriculture and agricultural holdings.
  • Exercise any other functions conferred on the Commissioner by any enactment.

The TFC must exercise the functions to encourage good relations between landlords and tenants of agricultural holdings and contribute to the development and delivery of Government policies and strategies in relation to agricultural holdings.  The TFC can commission studies that improve our knowledge and understanding of the issues facing the sector now and in the future.

The TFC will maintain close contact with the key representative bodies supporting the sector and will work closely with them in determining priorities for codes of practice, deciding on which studies to commission and providing a forum for discussion of matters pertinent to the development of the sector.

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01463 423 300

Guide to Land Reform

Guide to the 2016 Land Reform

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