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We are working to create a Scotland where everybody can benefit from the ownership and use of the nation’s land and buildings. Land reform can reduce inequality, improve quality of life and support and benefit everyone in society.

We work with a wide range of stakeholders across a number of sectors, both public, private and social enterprise, to deliver our programme of work.  We stimulate fresh thinking, supporting change on the ground and making recommendations to Scottish Ministers, where appropriate, for legislative and policy change across our four priority areas.

Areas of work

Good Practice

Promoting and supporting change and good practice in the way land is owned and used in both urban and rural Scotland.


Modernising the pattern of land ownership in Scotland.

Housing & Development

We are working to help deliver well-planned, sustainable communities in places people want to live at prices they can afford.

Tenant Farming

Improving the relationships between landowners and tenant farmers, and increasing access to land for those who want to farm.

Tax & Fiscal

We are looking at options for using tax and fiscal policy to stimulate a more productive, diverse and accountable pattern of landownership and use.