Strategic Plan

The Scottish Land Commission’s three year strategic plan sets out our vision, objectives and priorities for the next three years.

Our vision is “a fair, inclusive and productive system of ownership, management and use of land that delivers greater benefit for all the people of Scotland”.

Our Strategic plan outlines our priorities for the next three years and are guided by three strategic objectives:

  • Productivity
  • Diversity
  • Accountability

Our work is focussed on four key areas covering both urban and rural land:

  • Land for housing and development – We want to reduce constraints to redeveloping vacant and derelict land for housing and other productive uses, improve land supply for housing and stimulate a more active approach to developing land in the public interest.
  • Land ownership – The Land Commission will examine the impacts of scale and concentration of land ownership and tax policy, as well as reviewing the effectiveness of the Community Right to Buy mechanisms.
  • Land Use Decision-making – The Land Commission will seek to improve the quality and accountability of decision making, providing guidance where necessary.
  • Agricultural Holdings – We want to increase access to land for those who want to farm, improve the relationships between landowners and tenant farmers and stimulate the tenant farming sector.

The Scottish Land Commission will support this work by engaging with as many people and organisations as possible, carrying out research, gathering evidence and creating guidance and codes.

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Strategic Plan 2018-2021 ENGLISH


Strategic Plan 2018-2021 GAELIC


Programme of Work

The Programme of Work sets out the main workstreams the Scottish Land Commission will undertake in delivering against the Strategic Plan 2018-21. 

This is intended to be a rolling Programme of Work which the Commissioners will keep under review.  The Programme was updated on 27 March 2018, revisions reflect the extensive engagement and scoping work carried out by the Commission.

Programme of Work 2018-2021 – revised June 2019

Programme of Work 2018-2021


Business Plan

The Business Plan sets out the Commission’s activities and resources that will deliver against our Programme of Work and Strategic Plan, this an annual plan and shows how we will use our grant-in-aid to deliver against agreed priorities for land reform.