Transforming Vacant and Derelict Land

There is nearly 12,000 hectares of vacant and derelict land in Scotland which is the equivalent to over 9,000 football pitches. It is estimated that a third of us live within 500 metres of a derelict site. In some of Scotland’s cities this figure is much higher, reaching 61% in Glasgow.

The Scottish Land Commission and the Scottish Enivronment Protection Agency (SEPA) are working togther in an innovative partnership to transform how vacant and derelict land is dealt with. Supporting local authorities to rejuvenate vacant and derelict land brings about long term regeneration and renewal – unlocking growth, reviving communities, increasing community empowerment, reducing inequalities and inspiring local pride and activities.

The Land Commission and SEPA have signed a Sustainable Growth Agreement and will use this agreement to focus on the delivery of our shared vision for transforming our approach to vacant and derelict land in Scotland.

The Commission and SEPA are spearheading a taskforce bringing together leaders from the public, private and social enterprise sectors to challenge and reshape the approach to bringing sites back into use which will have both economic and social benefits for all of Scotland.

Underpinning the taskforce will be a programme of research and analysis led by the Commission to provide a strategic approach to addressing barriers to use, identifying potential uses and ensuring experience of successful projects is shared across Scotland.

We are identifying what can be done with policy and release this land so that it can be used in the interests of the communities living around it, making more of Scotland’s land do more for Scotland’s people.

Members of the Taskforce include:

  • Steve Dunlop (Chair) – Scottish Enterprise
  • Sarah Boyack (Vice Chair) – SFHA
  • Keith Anderson (Vice Chair) – Scottish Power
  • David Adams – Scottish Land Commissioner
  • Anne Johnstone – United Kingdom Environmental Law Association
  • Stewart Carruth – Independent
  • Ian Manson – Clyde Gateway
  • David Wallace – BT
  • Rebecca McLean – Sweco
  • Robert Hairstains – Built Environment Exchange
  • Phil Prentice – Scotland’s Towns Partnerships
  • Alexandra Mancini – Institute of Directors
  • Josh Littlejohn – Social Bite
  • Tammy Swift-Adams – Homes for Scotland
  • Tom Sneddon – Development Trust Association Scotland
  • Deryck Irving – Central Scotland Green Network
  • Liz MacAreavey – Edinburgh Chambers
  • Ross Johnstone – Scottish Natural Heritage
  • Helen Bogan – Chartered Banker Institute
  • David Harley – Scottish Environment Protection Agency
  • Simon Cuthbert-Kerr – Scottish Government
  • Professor Malcolm MacLeod – Stirling University
  • Michael Keane – East Ayrshire Council
  • Mike Robinson – Royal Scottish Geographical Society
  • Craig Maclaren – RTPI
  • Alison McKay – Leapmoor LLP

Watch this short video about the Shettleston Growing Project to see how the community have transformed vacant and derelict land.