Land Rights & Responsibilities

The Land Rights and Responsibilities Statement, published by the Scottish Government, is the first of its kind anywhere in the world and sets the vision for a strong and dynamic relationship between Scotland’s land and its people.

It underpins the work of the Scottish Land Commission in supporting change and good practice.

Land rights and responsibilities apply to both urban and rural Scotland and aims to promote:

  • greater diversity in ownership of land including more community ownership
  • high standards and transparency of land ownership and use
  • better community engagement in decisions about land

We are publishing a series of Land Rights and Responsibilities Protocols which will provide clarity on what is reasonably expected in implementing the statement and highlight good practice.

The protocols will be based on the six principles of the Land Rights & Responsibilities Statement working to create a Scotland where rights and responsibilities in relation to land are fully recognised and fulfilled.

We are working closely with stakeholders to develop protocols that are short, clear, practical and fair to all parties, setting out clear expectations of what normal reasonable behaviour is and provide guidance and practical advice to land owners, land managers and communities, to make more of Scotland’s land.


Protocol 1 – Community Engagement in Decisions Relating to Land