Who are the Commissioners?

The Commissioners, appointed by Scottish Ministers in December 2016, are: Andrew Thin (chair), Professor David Adams, Lorne MacLeod, Megan MacInnes, Dr Sally Reynolds and Bob McIntosh (Tenant Farming Commissioner). Biographical details can be found on the ‘Who we are’ page of our website.

What is the purpose of the Scottish Land Commission?

The Commission is the organisation which supports the work of the six Commissioners (five Land Commissioners and one Tenant Farming Commissioner). The Commissioners functions are set out in the Land Reform (Scotland) Act 2016 – essentially to conduct studies into the effect of law, policies and practices on rights in management and use of land in Scotland. The Tenant Farming Commissioner has specific responsibilities relating to tenant farming. Together the Commissioners, supported by the Commission staff, provide direction, leadership and strategic thought to matters relating to land in Scotland. More details can be found on the ‘About Us‘ page and in the Land Reform Scotland Act 2016.

What area of land in Scotland does the work of the Commission cover?

The Commission may look into matters relating to any land in Scotland – including both urban and rural land, mainland and islands, inland and the foreshore.

What will the Commission do in its first year and beyond?

The priorities for the work of the Commission in our first year (2017-18) are set out in our Corporate Plan.

The plan for our work over the following three years, (2018-19 to 2020-21), will be set out in our Strategic Plan to be published in September 2017. The Commission will be a dynamic, visible, transparent and inclusive body, and will work with stakeholders to determine the right priorities for our research programme and our reports to Scottish Ministers. Our research will be robust, thorough and wide-ranging.

When will the Codes of Practice on Tenant Farming be published?

If you believe a Code of Practice has been breached then, in the first instance please contact Bob McIntosh, the Tenant Farming Commissioner at tfc@landcommission.gov.scot Guidance on Making an Inquiry and the Inquiry form are available here.

Is the Scottish Land Commission part of Scottish Government?

No. The Commission is an executive non-departmental public body, set up and funded by Scottish Government. It is expected to be independent and impartial in carrying out its remit. Its programme of work (or corporate plan) must be submitted to the Scottish Ministers by the Commission on behalf of the Land Commissioners at the same time as the strategic plan, however the Scottish Ministers cannot reject the programme of work. There is no duty on Scottish Ministers to comment upon the programme of work and no duty on the Commissioners to take into account any direction or comment made by the Scottish Ministers. The Commission must then publish the programme of work and lay a copy before the Scottish Parliament.

How will the Scottish Land Commission engage with and consult stakeholders and interested groups and individuals?

The Commissioners intend to seek the widest possible range of views on the issues it will investigate and report on. A series of open meetings has been planned around the country to meet any member of the public who is interested in the Commission’s work. We are also meeting a wide range of stakeholder groups and will have a presence at a number of key public events, such as conferences and Agricultural shows throughout the year. See Contact Us.

How much is the Scottish Land Commission costing?

The Scottish Land Commission’s budget for 2017-18 is set out in the Scottish Government’s Draft Budget document. The grant-in-aid allocation for the year, which is subject to Parliamentary approval, is £1.4m. The Commission will operate efficiently and effectively, securing value for money at all times. The Commission’s annual report and accounts will be laid before the Scottish Parliament and published before the end of December each year.