Call for evidence

Call for Evidence on Experience of Concentrated Land Ownership

Scotland has an unusually concentrated pattern of land ownership compared to other countries and the pattern has remained largely unchanged for decades. Concern about the effects that this has on rural communities and the wider public interest has long been a central issue in the land reform debate in Scotland.

The Scottish Land Commission is reviewing the issues associated with scale and concentration in land ownership. We want to look beyond the headline statistics to understand what the underlying issues are and how they might best be addressed.

To help us better understand the issues the Scottish Land Commission is opening a call for evidence and experience on concentrated land ownership. We are inviting people to contribute examples and experience of issues related to concentrated land ownership, both positive and negative.


What do we mean by concentrated land ownership?

We are interested in experience and evidence relating to areas of the country where:

  • the majority of land is owned by either a single individual or organisation or a very small number or individuals or organisations; and
  • the individuals and organisations have the power to make decisions about how this land is used that effect the whole community


Who should take part?

The purpose of this is to help us better understand the issues that people associate with concentrated land ownership from the perspective of those directly involved or affected.  You do not need any particular academic qualifications or professional experience to take part and it is not necessary for you to hold any kind of formal position within your community or organisation.  But we are looking particularly for responses from people with personal experience of concentrated land ownership including individuals, community groups and land managers.



If you ask for your response not to be published we will regard it as confidential, and we will treat it accordingly. If you have asked us to keep your name confidential but you are taking part in the survey as part of an organisation then your organisation name may still be published. If you would prefer to speak to a member of staff directly about your experiences then please contact us on 0300 244 4452 or email us at


The call for evidence is now closed.