Buccleuch Estates

Andrew Thin, Chair of the Scottish Land Commission welcomes the announcement by Buccleuch Estates of the sale of a portfolio of land on the Borders Estate and its stated commitment to reduce its overall footprint. “Scotland’s Land Rights and Responsibilities Statement, published by the Government last year, sets out a clear principle that ‘there should be a more diverse pattern of land ownership and tenure, with more opportunities for citizens to own, lease and have access to land’.

 “The Land Commission sees this including a more diverse pattern of private ownership, as well as greater community ownership. We therefore welcome the review and decision by Buccleuch Estates to offer a portfolio of land on the open market as well as engage with community groups that have an interest in acquiring land. We encourage other large scale land owners to consider a similar review in relation to both business need and the wider principles of the Land Rights and Responsibilities Statement”.