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Study to look at increasing the availability of farmland for new entrants
Land Commission to look at potential for land value taxes in Scotland
Land Value Taxation
Guest Blog: Laurie Macfarlane – Land Lines: The housing land market in Scotland
Tenant Farming Commissioner makes recommendations for a modern list of improvements
Discussion paper looks at land market intervention to increase housing supply in Scotland
Tenant Farming Commissioner issues Sporting Rights Code of Practice
Scottish Land Commission – Conference
Tenant Farming Commissioner invites landlords & tenants to take part in survey of views on agents’ conduct
Making more of Scotland’s land
Scottish Land Commission publishes first Strategic Plan
New Tenant Farming Advisory Forum meet for first time
Tenant Farming Commissioner issues Limited Partnerships Code of Practice
Review of agents begins
Welcome to the Scottish Land Commission’s Blog!
New staff join growing Scottish Land Commission
Tenant Farming Commissioner issues first Code of Practice
More dates added to Land Commission’s series of events
Scottish Land Commission appoint Hamish Trench as Chief Executive
Scottish Land Commission invites Aberdeenshire residents to community event
Tenant Farming Commissioner calls on tenants and landlords to consider Brexit in rent reviews
Scottish Land Commission launches monthly community events
Recommendations published by Land Commission
Land reform body is now operational
Appointments to Scottish Land Commission
Key land reform body to bring around 20 new jobs to Inverness